HE Reigns! WE Bow.




Our goal is to help our needy brothers and sisters with the necessities. Throughout the year, we schedule dates for:

  • Pantry By Cuisine Unique  (food drive) for  food (or food-related gift cards), to remedy hunger. 
  • Teaching Tots  (toy drive) for learning toys (or store gift cards), to entertain and encourage kids' curiosity. 
  • Reading 4 Life  (book drive) for educational books (or store gift cards), to broaden their thought process.

We donate these items to beloved beneficiaries within NJ communities. To help us accomplish our goal, contact us using the form above. We're eternally grateful for your help.

“It's not how much we give but how much
love we put into giving.”
― Mother Teresa

"Give to Others and GOD  Will Give to You (Luke 6:38)"

YES!  I Want to Pay It Forward.


When you seek to do wellness work with us, you can:


- Donate to our charitable initiatives or 

- Participate in health & wellness seminars | or

- Share life ideas on our social media | or

- Shop @ "Retail Therapy 4 U" and donate to charities

ReignBow ReNEWed offers these ways for you to give and feel something good in return.

How Does Shopping for Gifts Help Others?

Retail Therapy 4 Utopia (RT4U) features a line of faith-inspired merchandise for our supporters. Then, here's how it works:

  1. You SHOP on "The SPIRIT Rx" Page.


  1. You BUY faith-inspired merchandise.
  2. We DONATE 15 percent of the sale on your behalf to the American Cancer Society and Community Food Bank of Hillside NJ. ​[E.g., $22 t-shirt - 15% = $3.30 donation]
  3. We EMAIL you an eCard to confirm the donation, plus a RT4U receipt.
  4. You RECEIVE the merchandise and blessings.


The ReignBow ReNEWed Worship Center is a spiritual organization that depends on the charitable actions of the people who support our mission of community growth.

Wellness Work Seminars

Every three months, ReignBow ReNEWed hosts seminars to share fellowship, lessons, and discussions about GOD and ongoing, medical conditions. These seminars include:

  1. Medical Presentations by Pros
  1. Educational Materials
  2. Inspiring Message by RR Team
  3. Group Coaching Moments
  4. Light Refreshments
  5. Inspiring, Informative Vendors

Could You Benefit from our Wellness @ Work Seminars? Please complete the form above. If you're a medical pro, educational organization, or vendor, please connect with us