You can enroll for our in-depth Bible study about ​with ReNEW YOU-niversity for up ​to 12 months. ​​​​Starting ​tuition ​is ​$16.95  per month.

What is ReNEW YOU-niversity?


My name is Pamela Robinson Smith and ​I'm an Edgy Evangelist, who is passionate about increasing spiritual knowledge and wellness within our communities. I'm not afraid to proclaim and teach the WORD!

For years, I've served as Youth Minister, Mass Choir President, and Sunday School Teacher. I have a Certificate of Theology and Ministry (from Princeton Theological Seminary) and a Master's degree is for Adult Education (from the University of Phoenix).

Who is The Instructor?

​​     While we encourage you to find a good Scripture-based church, mosque, or temple, to learn about the LORD. We also invite you to embrace our holistic and creative approach. We believe the best way to understand the WORD is to relate it to real experiences.We educate you about the Holy Bible and other Scriptures to challenge your creativity.

ReaDY  2 EnroLL

LearnInG​​ THe WORD.


ReNEW YOU-niversity is our educational initiative. Our mission is to broaden the understanding of The Holy BIBLE and other Holy Scriptures through creativity, interaction, and in-depth study. If your mission is to . . .


Gain kindhearted knowledge

Meet like-minded individuals

Improve your relationship with GOD

. . . You're ready to enroll! ReNEW YOU-niversity is not your Momma's Bible study. We offer an interactive experience, so that adult students embrace the Word spiritually, mentally, and physically. Plus, the tuition affordable and attainable. 

Course Duration

  • Complete  the form. We'll email instructions.
  • Follow the instructions. Pay your tuition.
  • Participate  in the lesson discussions.

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The Word from Our WorshiP Leader!

HE Reigns! WE Bow.


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