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about ​with ReNEW 

YOU-niversity for up ​to 12 months. ​​​​Starting ​tuition ​is $16.95  per month.

​​     While we encourage you to find a good Scripture-based church, mosque, or temple, to learn about the LORD. We also invite you to embrace our holistic and creative approach. We believe the best way to understand the WORD is to relate it to real experiences.We educate you about the Holy Bible and other Scriptures to challenge your creativity. You have 2 ways to learn the Word with us.

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because we feature brief lessons. OR. . .

Course Duration

  • Complete  the form. We'll email instructions.
  • Follow the instructions. Pay your tuition.
  • Participate  in the lesson discussions.

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When you enroll initially, you'll receive a:

"I am ReNEWed! REIGNbow ReNEWed." Notebox ​

80 sheets - 3" x 3"

"I am ReNEWed! REIGNbow ReNEWed.Pen

 "I am ReNEWed! REIGNbow ReNEWed." Bookmark

2" x 6"

These items are also sold separately


ReaDY  2 EnroLL

LearnInG​​ THe WORD.