REIGNbow Renewed offers mental, physical, and spiritual support to individuals in need.

.We exist for anyone seeking love, support, or salvation in a non-judgmental setting. We eagerly interact with diverse people, to gain learning opportunities and to teach about faith and wellness. Our ecumenical style of worship comes from a place of natural curiosity and expression. Ecumenicalmeans we foster inter-religious unity globally and collaborate to help solve problems that stunt the health and wellness of humankind. We discover and deliver the real truths


"Prosperous Living  Begins with PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE ( Pam'ela: HIS Apprentice )." ​


ReDeFInInG  WorsHIP.

As an evangelist, a spiritual coach, and a teacher, I (Pam'ela: HIS Apprentice) strive to enhance and help you live a prosperous, blessed life. I strongly ​believe the cultivation of spirituality, education, and wellness are essential to the growth and ​success of our society, our communities, and our families.

~ +~

REIGNbow ReNEWed is an ecumenical, wellness fellowship that seeks to

create positive awareness about GOD and healthiness. ​Through life application and our personal expertise, we teach you how to focus on both. 

​​Our  MIssIon


As recorded in Maimonides' introduction to Perek Helek, the first of the thirteen principle for the Jewish faith says:

​"Belief in the existence of the Creator, who is perfect in every manner of existence and is the Primary Cause of all that exists." 

​​​STaTemenTs oF  FaITH


To blend diverse ways of worship to enhance life.


To increase knowledge about GOD and your growth.


​"I BELIEVE in GOD the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, and in Jesus Christ his only Son our Lord;

who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary . . . (Brief abstract from the Apostles' Creed)".


To inspire your spirit with art, music, and literature.

HE Reigns! WE Bow.

As a result of life-altering events in 2017, we now offer men and women a liberating way to learn about, worship, and serve the LORD. We study the Scriptures, plus incorporate creativity with life applications. Since only ​GOD can truly judge us, we are judgment-free and accept people on this mission for the LORD.

"GOD created each of us, so we must respect and coexist together. This world must see our faith community unite to influence positive change (Pam'ela: HIS Apprentice)."

We teach the WORD from . . .

  • ​​​Christianity (Holy Bible)​

and may reference info from...

  • Islam (Holy Quran)
  • ​Judaism (Torah)

. . . so we UNITE as Believers.


​​​Our brothers and sisters of Islam have a similar statement of faith. It is the first of the Five Pillars of Islam called the shahada:

 “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger.”