Our Services are available through our consulting company, It's ReNEWed. If you need assistance with income protection or marketing, contact the team. With It's ReNEWed, you also have a chance grow with a business opportunity, education, or marketing service. Explore more info...​​


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Our Worship Leader, Pamela D.R. Smith, is also the Agent of Property, Positive Change, and Protection. Thus, if you have questions about real estate, advocacy, or life insurance in New Jersey, she is your trustworthy resource. Learn info about Pamela...



Our Corporation, UTOPIA, yoU TO Proclaim It Anointed, LLC, is the foundation of our subsidiaries. If you'd like to learn our history and why we do what we do, visit our website...



REIGNbow ReNEWed is part of UTOPIAWe'd love for you to learn more about us.

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Our Online Store is Retail Therapy 4 Utopia  (RT4Utopia) and it features artwork, health necessities, textiles, and embellishments for your household. These products are meant to empower you. Sales for RT4Utopia allows us to offer free workshops, video broadcasts, etc. Shop with a purpose...