Hearing The WORD is encouraging, but... "The WORD (is) Not Just HEARD"

When you enroll in interactive Bible study:

Gain Kindhearted Knowledge

Meet Like-Minded Individuals

Grow Godly Relationships 


Through The Skool' of L.I.F.E., this class can broaden your understanding of Scriptures with creativity, interaction, and study. Elder Pam and Family offer a nurturing environment for learning.

Elder of Holystic Wellness

​​Pamela D.RSmith is an ordained Presbyterian Ruling Elder; a Minister ordained through the Universal Life Church; and a certified Wellness Coach. She is an empowered speaker and officiant of life celebrations.

We encourage you to find a good Scripture-based church or temple, to fellowship within your community. With our podcasts and videos, we also invite you to embrace a creative approach by hearing and applying the WORD.​​ 


You are cordially invited to visit our YouTube channels for empowerment, information, and entertainment.